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Need a good real estate or real estate agent?

A good real estate or real estate agent or even a commercial property agent is not hard to find if you know how to look. Whether you are in Sydney , Perth or Melbourne , we will find them for you.

At Independent Real Estate Consulting we recognised the need for independent advice in the real estate market. We had witnessed first hand people struggling with their real estate: some were already on the market and not having a good time, some were about to go on the market and were a little unsure of how to go about it, who to listen to, who not to listen to.

Unfortunately the majority of real estate consumers who want to sell a property end up half way through the process and then wish they had given a little more thought to what they were doing, who they were hiring etc, instead of taking a planned approach from the start to identify who the best candidates are, and especially who, will maximise the result for them.

With over 35 years hands on experience advising home sellers, and an insider understanding of how real estate agents think, talk and operate, Independent Real Estate Consulting is an excellent means for providing independent help, expert advice and guidance to home sellers…. and we'll even show you how to pay less in real estate fees and commissions.

With Independent Real Estate Consulting there are No contracts, No binding agreements, No obligations whatsoever, and most importantly, no costs to you! CONTACT US NOW - CLICK HERE