Real Estate Fees and Commission

The real estate agent doesn’t do much for their fee

Nobody wants to pay too much to a real estate agent because the general public’s perception is that the agent doesn’t really do much for their fee these days. The seller has to pay for all the advertising and the add writing, professional photography, for sale signs, auction pointer signs, brochures etc etc so what is the real estate fee and commission for? The only thing that is left after you have paid for all the services is their level of skill. So, in effect the agents fee is for their skill, their skill at getting you the best price possible, the highest price possible.

Real estate fees and commission comparison websites

There are a lot of websites that offer to compare real estate fees and commission to help you choose the best agent for the task of selling your home, but how helpful are they really? These websites are merely getting agents to try to outbid each other’s commission percentage online to try and get their foot in your door, is this the best way, the most logical way, to assess a real estate agents level of skill at getting you the best price possible for the sale of your property, no. Even the Agents now recognise this and a fast-growing majority of them now don’t use these agent comparison service websites anymore so you are not even getting in front of the right agents.

One chance at negotiating

As a seller once a buyer is located for your home you get one shot at selling and you want, you need, to make sure that the agent has the right skill level to be able to extract as much as possible from the buyer’s pocket and put it in yours!

Get Value for money out of an agent

The best way to get your value for money out of an agent is to not focus on their percentage rate or flat fee but on their experience and skill level at getting above expectation in the sale price. The better skilled agents can even negotiate to the level that they get the buyer to pay your fee!

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We make it simple

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