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What Does Independent Real Estate Consulting Do?

We are a Vendor Advocate- we provide independent real estate advice and guidance to you the homeseller so you don't have to rely solely on what the real estate agent is telling you you need to do, or not do, to get sold. Expert, Independent, Impartial Advice. Vendor Advocacy.

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Real Estate Selling Tips

Most people only sell their home once or twice in their lifetime, they are not expected to know the tricks that agents use... but we do! A Vendor Advocate with 30+ years experience in guiding home sellers, we will keep YOU on the right path. Take advantage of our extensive real estate expertise. Get the right real estate selling tips to save time, save stress and save money.

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Property Negotiation Service

Buying or selling a property is usually the most expensive transaction you will make in your life, and it's not something you do every day. There is no doubt having an experienced skilled negotiator on your side will save you thousands.

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Real Estate Advice

As a Vendor Advocate we take the stress and worry out of selling your home, with 30+ years experience guiding home sellers, our knowledge gives you confidence.

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Real Estate Advice

"Robert's service is an incredible service. The guidance received from Robert made the process of selling that simple, my house was sold one day on the market, with an excellent price. Sounds unbelievable, but this is a sincere and true review. Robert's system to select agents is excellent. Without Robert's assistance, the selling process could not have gone so smoothly. Once the agent was selected (which took only two attempts) the whole process was absolutely seamless and provided excellent results. I would highly recommend Robert for any selling process. Robert is solely dedicated to assisting the seller and it feels very assuring to have that type of professional support/guidance, during the highly daunting process of selling. Many thanks to Robert's service, it should be known to all who sell. Thank you Robert from myself. Maria H."

Maria H Ellen Grove QLD

Thank you for all your real estate help over the months. You have always been very professional in all your dealings with both of us. It has been in my opinion the traditional or old fashioned sense of professionalism. In other words you do what you say, you call when you say you will call, you do everything you can whenever you can and are polite and extremely helpful no matter what the circumstance. That type of professionalism isn't around much these days; just a poor mimic of it.

Julie Blue Mountains NSW

Rob provided outstanding support and guided the whole selling process smoothly in the background. If it were not for his masterful negotiation skills and knowledge of the real estate process there would have been no sale. Everyone thinking of buying or selling should have an independent real estate consultant in their corner navigating the minefield that is real estate.

Kathryn Cranbourne North Vic