iREC- Independent Help, Sound Advice

iREC is a Vendor Advocate Service, an independent body founded in 2005. Its purpose is simple- to assist consumers in their dealings with real estate agents. Independent surveys by Roy Morgan Research has found that Australians regard the real estate profession in the bottom percentile in terms of honesty and ethics (less than 10%). iREC’s existence is a breath of fresh air for consumers. Click here to read what our clients have said

With a thorough understanding of how real estate agents think, talk, act and operate iREC is an excellent source of independent help, sound advice and guidance to you, the home sellers of Australia.


iREC’s advice will: -

Save YOU the uncertainty, stress and time, and help you NEGOTIATE with the agent a better sale result, a higher price.

What can iREC do if I’m just starting the selling journey?

iREC will advise and guide you from an independent perspective. We know there is no one size fits all when it comes to Real Estate and Real Estate Agents. Unfortunately, in the past few years many so called “comparison websites” have appeared offering lists of Real Estate Agents to home sellers with little, or no regard, as to their suitability thus sending you down the wrong path right from the start. We can show you how to research and identify a short list of the more appropriate agents to consider for your specific property and give you pointers and some seriously tricky questions to assist you during the interviewing and selection process. Whilst on the market with your chosen agent, this is where the games really begin, we are available to advise/guide/help you as much or a little as you require, so you are not at the mercy of what the agent might be telling you to do, or not do, to get sold.

What can iREC do if I’m already on the market or have already interviewed agents?

iREC will help and advise regardless of what stage you are up to in the sale process. Perhaps you have an offer you are not happy with and the agent is pressuring you, maybe you are interviewing agents and getting conflicting advice and pricing opinions etc etc and not sure who to believe. There are many reasons that people call on us for guidance and we will make sure that you are assisted and know how to tackle your specific issue.

They say knowledge is power, make our 30 years of knowledge your power!

Ready for a little knowledge... click here for some selling tips

iREC's Fee Structure

If you would like some independent, impartial advice and guidance with your sale or advice on identifying the right type of tough agent for you, we can help! What will it cost you… under $500 And in most cases $0. Sounds too good to be true... call us on 1300 886359 for an obligation free and cost-free chat.  

One Big Tip

There are 2 types of agents out there, both of them are tough but you need to stay away from one of them at all costs! read more...