Agent Comparison Websites

The truth about comparison websites

Be wary not all comparison websites compare ALL real estate agents in your area. If it is obvious that some real estate agencies are missing from the data you receive then be very wary of whose advice you are listening to.

Limited Information

Most consumers believe that when they read on a comparison website that there are, for example, 34 real estate agents in a given suburb, the comparison website compares all 34, this is very rarely the case it has just been worded very carefully. In a nutshell they are not comparing all real estate agents only those they have an agreement with.

Too Much Information

Some websites now offer specific information on individual salespeople, how many sales they make, how long they are on the market for, what the median prices of their sales are etc etc. Does this help you decide who is best for your specific property? A common misconception out there is that all agents are the same and all do the same thing so if we pick the agent who sells the most volume they must be the best one, this is not the case!

Comparison websites don't tell you the real story about commissions and fees

THINK... Why don't these comparison websites tell you that real estate commissions and real estate fees can start at a flat rate of $7500...

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