Unfortunately lots of sellers, when selecting the real estate agent to sell their home get sold on all the hype of colorful newspaper adds, magazine adds, big internet adds, brochures and such. Most real estate agents charge you for all the advertising knowing full well that in reality there are only two effective methods.

Easily impressed

Yes it’s easy to be impressed by real estate agents who wave examples of their big glossy ads under your nose but remember YOU are paying for it!

The aim of any type of advertising is to attract enquiries (make the phone ring) It's now up to the skill of the agent to turn those enquiries into a sale.

Little known fact

Newspaper advertising is aimed more towards potential sellers than buyers. So why do agents charge you for specific advertising knowing that, in the majority of cases, it’s a waste of money? Because it’s not their money! and it gets them good exposure.

Realistically, if all it took to sell a property was advertising it, why wouldn’t you employ an advertising company that just specialised in advertising?

Don't get obsessed

Make sure your property is exposed in mediums where buyers are looking. You need exposure but you need to balance it. Advertising it every week until it’s sold will cost you money, not only in advertising but in the sale price as well!

Don't build the agents profile

Try not to get overly obsessed on the specific advertising of your home. Do not waste a lot of your money building the agent’s profile, focus instead on the skill of the agent in the negotiation arena and their ability to convert that enquiry into a sale. That’s where you make your money!

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