Do Not Just Drop The Price on Your Home

What do you do when you have been on the market for a while?

How long before you drop the price on your house?

Do you change real estate agent or do you stick it out with the real estate agent you have?

Do you spend more money on advertising your home?

Before you go making changes you need to establish what needs to be changed...

Are you with the right agent?
Are you affected by tougher market conditions?
Are you aware of current sale prices in your area?

As sellers we all want to achieve the best price we can at the time. For some people it is not necessarily about price but more on what they are going to do when they have sold.

If you ask your agent what you should be doing and you get answers like…. there’s nothing you can do, you just have to wait for the market to pick up or, you need to spend more money advertising it or, and get this one….I don’t know what to do (don’t laugh, I have heard that one personally!) You are not with the right agent!

Irreconcilable differences

If your relationship with your current agent has got to the point where you can’t talk openly because YOU have the feeling that they are no longer working in YOUR best interests, then it is time to change agents. Warning... be careful who you appoint next!

Do not just drop the price of your home

Your real estate agent may be advising you to drop your price but before you do anything YOU need to understand exactly what is happening. Is it the market, is it your property, is it you or is it the agent.

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