Time for a Price Reduction

It’s time to reduce your price, or is it

Is your Real Estate Agent telling you to drop your price? You have been on the market for a week or 2 with no offers or low offers and your Real Estate Agent is telling you that you need to drop your price, but is the price really the issue?

Whose price is it

Is the advertised price what the real estate agent suggested to you or what you wanted? The majority of properties are advertised at a price that the Real Estate Agent has suggested to the seller, therefore it is actually not your price, it is the Real Estate Agents price.

Pass the blame to YOU the seller

It is common for the Real Estate Agent to pass the blame to you the seller for the lack of a sale and using the words YOUR PRICE is a classic example of this. Reality is that they either misled you in the first place to get your signature or they are incompetent and unaware of pricing in the area, neither of these traits are desirable in someone that you have entrusted to look after a large amount of your money.

Can you trust the Real Estate Agent’s advice

If the Real Estate Agent misled you to get your business in the first place are they now telling the truth? and can you trust their advice anymore? If they are incompetent and simply got it wrong, why would you listen to them now?

Change Real Estate Agents or tuff it out

Should you look to change Real Estate Agents or do you tough it out with the real estate agent you have? Before you go making changes you need to establish exactly what needs to be changed... Have market conditions got tougher since you came on the market?

Is your Real Estate Agent selling properties around your area?

Are other Real Estate Agents selling properties around your area?

Are you aware of current sale prices being achieved for similar properties in your area?

The answers to these questions will help guide you on the direction you should take next.

Listen to your instinct it’s usually right

If your instinct is telling you something is not right, it is usually 100% correct. If YOU have the feeling that your Real Estate Agent is no longer working in YOUR best interests, then it is time to change agents.

A word of caution

It is very easy for another agent to come in and impress you by saying all the “right” things at this point so a word of caution, don’t jump from the fry pan into the fire, do some homework on choosing a more appropriate Real Estate Agent for your property, don’t determine an agent by how much they charge, don’t determine an agent by their ‘ratings’, don’t determine an agent via a website that “promises” to identify the top agents in your area.

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