Don't Get Sucked In

If you have made it here you are interested in finding out what real estate agent commission and fees are.

If you are only after a number or a percentage, here is your answer… A traditional Real Estate Agent throughout Australia will generally charge between 2% and 3% except for high value or low value properties. If that is all you were searching for don’t waste your time reading any further. If on the other hand you want to know how to get a real estate agent to willingly drop their fee or commission rate even further than what they are quoting you, read on...

Whilst commission and fees are important, it is also important to understand a few things about how real estate agents operate regarding their fee and commission.

Fact:  A Real Estate Agents fee and/or commission is negotiable even after you have signed an agency agreement.

Fact:  Most home sellers are attracted to a Real Estate Agent who quotes a low fee / commission.

Fact:  Real Estate Agents know that home sellers are commission / fee driven or sensitive and they use this knowledge to "smoke and mirrors" you to lock you into a listing agreement.

SAD Fact:  Most home sellers are un-aware their agent is bad one until they reach the point of a sale and by then it’s too late. Find out how to choose the best agent and still get the best fee / commission rate.

Fact:  If home sellers knew how to really question a real estate agent, they would reject 9 out of 10 of them. 

Fact:  Some Real Estate Agents will knowingly inflate your property’s ‘worth’ just to get you to sign an agency agreement.

VERY SAD Fact: Most home sellers have no idea how to test the agent to see if they are inflating the price. 


Most home sellers have no idea that when a real estate agent tells you their fee / commission rate, you can still negotiate a better one! In fact, once you negotiate that rate, and if you have the know-how, you can get yourself an even lower one!  

If you are about to sell your property and what an agent charges in commission / fee is high on your priority list, contact us to find out how to secure the best rate, the lowest percentage.

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