Agent Comparison Websites

The truth about comparison websites

Be wary not all comparison websites compare ALL real estate agents in your area. If it is obvious that some real estate agencies are missing from the data you receive then be very wary of whose advice you are listening to.

Limited Information

Most consumers believe that when they read on a comparison website that there are, for example, 34 real estate agents in a given suburb, the comparison website compares all 34, this is very rarely the case it has just been worded very carefully. In a nutshell they are not comparing all real estate agents only those they have an agreement with.

Comparison websites don't tell you the real story about commissions and fees

THINK... Why don't these comparison websites tell you that real estate commissions and real estate fees generally start at a flat rate of $4500...

We make it simple to "manage" your agent

What we do… Think of us as you would of anti-virus software you install on your computer to detect and eliminate a virus before it causes damage. We help home sellers to detect and eliminate issues which are typically caused when agents, who have their own agenda, give poor or misleading advice.

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About to interview agents

Tread carefully, a common misconception out there is that all agents are the same and they all do the same thing so it really doesn’t matter who we use and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The choice of agent will determine how smoothly things will run, how long you are on the market for and most importantly how much you end up with in your pocket at the end of the day. Not sure if the agent is the right one, ask us and we will tell you!

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