The Silent Victims

When it comes time to sell home sellers frantically begin the preparation phase of getting their property ship shape to present it for sale to prospective buyers. It is important that your property presents well and is in the best shape it can possibly be in without spending a million dollars.

These sellers are the silent victims

While presentation is very important to the final price you receive there is one far more critical factor, which unfortunately, is overlooked by almost every real estate seller and in most cases costs them a lot of money. These sellers are the silent victims… they never know that they could have achieved a better price.

All the preparation in the world will be wasted if the agent you choose to hand your keys to is not a skilled negotiator. Skilled negotiators know how to use all your hard work as leverage to make sure the buyer is paying the maximum price they can afford, and are prepared to pay. They push the buyer to pay more even after you have said… ok we are happy with that… and they are the one you want on your side.

Avoid being undersold

Imagine handing a formula one race car to any driver, Joe Blogs off the street, the car is capable of winning the race, but the driver crashes as the required skill is not there. Poor negotiators are exactly the same, they undersell property every sale they make.

This is more important than presentation

There is an old saying Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Persistently Poor Performance, you have gone and spent the time, the effort, and the money to prepare your property for sale, why not spend a little time and effort in choosing an agent that will maximise your return? A point of presentation can easily be changed at any given moment, the agent can’t be.

When you sign up with an agent it is for a fixed period of time, most agents shine the brightest whilst they are trying to win your business, once you have appointed them and are on the market then they start to show their true colours. Most sellers do not find out what their agent is really like until after a week or two on the market and if you are not satisfied you cannot change agents, you are stuck with them.

You’ve done the Proper Prior Preparation on your property now do it with the agent! There are things that you can do when choosing an agent, don’t forget you are interviewing them for a very important job, you are in control.

How to identify skilled agents from unskilled agents

Do the market research into agent performance, ask specific questions to identify the skilled negotiators from the unskilled and be knowledgable on what information you should never tell an agent.

Remember the 7P’s and don’t be a silent victim. A little time spent now on agent selection will save a lot of time wasted later… not to mention your money!

We make it simple to "manage" your agent

What we do… Think of us as you would of anti-virus software you install on your computer to detect and eliminate a virus before it causes damage. We help home sellers to detect and eliminate issues which are typically caused when agents, who have their own agenda, give poor or misleading advice.

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About to interview agents

Tread carefully, a common misconception out there is that all agents are the same and they all do the same thing so it really doesn’t matter who we use and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The choice of agent will determine how smoothly things will run, how long you are on the market for and most importantly how much you end up with in your pocket at the end of the day. Not sure if the agent is the right one, ask us and we will tell you!

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