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Avoid becoming a real estate casualty in Tolmans Hill TAS 7007

Research has shown that 90% of home sellers and buyers have had a bad experience in dealing with real estate agents. Avoid becoming a casualty with your Tolmans Hill TAS real estate agent… their fees, costs and commission were only the tip of the iceberg!

Real Estate Agents in Tolmans Hill TAS 7007

If you are after a list of Tolmans Hill real estate agents, the best agent, the top agent, you won’t find your answer instantly on any website, well you will but you won't! The information made available in an instant on a comparison website or, on a rating website, is not complete, is not the whole picture. The information you are given on these websites is limited to only the real estate salespeople in Tolmans Hill that have joined their service.

If you are looking to sell, connect with an agent who will put more money in your pocket. Find out who they are from an independent source. A source that does not allow agents to subscribe to it, a source that does not have predetermined lists or affiliations with anyone. You can then rest assured that the information is truely independent.

Who Has The Keys To Your Tolmans Hill TAS Home

How many people do you meet and after a brief chat of maybe 30 minutes or so you give them the keys to your home so they can come in whenever they like… whether you are home or not?

Do the people you trust the most in your life have the keys to your home... your Doctor, your Solicitor your Accountant?

Most people sell their home maybe once or twice in their lifetime. Most people take the decision of choosing their real estate agent far too lightly. Getting your real estate agent in Tolmans Hill TAS right the first time will be one of the single biggest financial decisions you will make, ever.

So, who has the keys to your home? Before you invite a stranger, a real estate agent, into your financial life, understand if they will improve it or destroy it.

Planning to sell your real estate in Tolmans Hill TAS?

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Real Estate Commission and Fees in Tolmans Hill TAS

A Word To The Wise... it's not what the real estate agent charges you at the start that is important, it's what they cost you if you use the wrong one! We all want to maximise the result in our pocket but if you pick the agent purely because they have a lower fee than the others you're starting on the wrong foot from day 1.

We have compared the major Agent Comparison sites and have all the numbers... read more >

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Is Your Current Tolmans Hill Real Estate Agent Giving You Grief

If you are currently on the market in Tolmans Hill and things are not quite going to plan, feel free to contact us for a complimentary chat and we will get you back on the right path.

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About the suburb Tolmans Hill

Tolmans Hill is a suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. It is likely to be the last large scale greenfield suburban development to take place within Hobart city. The suburb is named after John Gibbs Tolman, a Hobart businessman, who purchased the whole area for just ?650 in 1889. Tolmans Hill was used for grazing up to the 1980s. In 1991, Hobart City Council approved a subdivision to 415 lots, which acknowledged the need to preserve its bushland character. There was much controversy when the Tolmans Hill development was first announced as planning permits were not widely made available to the public. The development involved the removal of most of the non-native vegetation, such as Gorse and Cotoneaster whilst trying to retain as much as possible of the endemic vegetation that covered Tolmans Hill. This was a difficult task given during the early years of Hobart Town the hill was deforested on a regular basis. Then in later years large deliberately lit fires occurred every two to three years. The developers created the Tolmans Hill Local Area Plan as part of its original application to the Hobart City Council. Many restrictions have been placed on land owners regarding re-vegetation, site disturbance, and visual impact. One condition contained in the stringent Tolmans Hill plan is that in certain parts of the suburb, trees cannot be removed without an amendment to the development permit. This requires an application to the council and a payment for an arborist's report. As the Hill features prominently upon the skyline of Hobart, a major impact has been seen by many residents of Greater Hobart, however due to the re-vegetation requirements placed on home builders this impact is being reduced over the years. After the development was allowed to proceed, a movement to protect the Hobart skyline was initiated, as demonstrated in DPIWE (Urban Skylines and Hillfaces Committee), 2000, Planning Guidelines: Urban Skylines and Hillfaces ). Much of the land that is now bounded by bushland upon the hills of Hobart has very heavy building restrictions in place, as a result of the Tolmans Hill project and the influence of the plan on urban planners. It is claimed that this development has set a new progressive and environmentally sensitive benchmark in Tasmania for other developers.

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